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New Life Technical Academy (NLTA) recognizes the value of every student and is guided by our commitment to provide excellence and leadership.

We demonstrate this by providing exemplary theory and practical training to individuals interested in a career change, continuing education in the medical field.  

We assist students through our continuous efforts in improving their personal and professional growth by strengthening our relationships with universities, colleges, hospitals, medical institutes and the community.  Our mission prepares to maintain a presence of quality and continuing growth.
President Mack Freeman congratulates student on success. 
Our programs 

High School Diploma Programs
Technical Career  Programs
Our focus is on giving our students the foundation they need to be successful.

We provide you an opportunity to get on the road to success today.  

Our state-of-the-art programs foster creative thinking and collaboration.

We know that making a good choice in a career or program is important for academic success and career satisfaction. Our career resources will help you assess your skills, values and interests to match your outcomes with appropriate careers. 
Q : How may we assist  you in your enrollment process?
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